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the 22nd r^ment on board, left Malta for Gibraltar, en route for
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pyopneumothorax icithout Perforation, — ^M. E. Boisseau, in an elabo-
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cure so fearful a disorder. But the results which it has yielded
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Memory) .—When the motor speech center in the left
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MM. Tardieu and Boussin did not find phosphorus in the parts
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large /' founding this his conclusion on the composition of the
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seeming to forget himself for a moment, then resuming
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of these difierent textures. Even at a very early period of
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division of the muscles concerned in producing this unnatural state of the eye.
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a series of years, show that the mercury is confined to a range of about 40 de-
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formed under the integuments of the chest, near the shoulder. This
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Witbin this tube and at its proper focus point the lens must be fixed, or it may
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persons are sometimes improved hj removal from low to high locali-
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any child with a running nose, a cough, or frequent
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nution of temperature^ and another result is inflammation^ which^
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rare as you approach the poles of the earth, pneumoniaA
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fever had existed ; and in case 80, the attack followed, at a short
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in the skin (boil) , or within the body, the quickest and
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ing. Whilst on the free surface three to five layers of cells of
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tition, just as in the case of the cord, by the medium of a power
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aorta, in such a manner as to control only the passage of
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sclerotica, and to advance as far as the insertions of all the muscles of the eye;
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admitted January 26, 1841, sufTering from the effects of a hard frolic, in
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of toxemia of bacterial origin; many physicians believe
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Casb 1. — Chorea ; pregnancy ; fibrinous deposits on the hearts
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lished for the benefit of any physician who cares to em-
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turned very pale and faint, and she thought she was dying. She
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of the liver. R. B.) — Edin. Med. Joum.y June, 1867.
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1°.0, in 1838. The moisture was above the average; yet the quantity of rain
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'^ The colloidal is in fact^ a dynamical state of matter; the
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healthy^ and where^ of course^ the yellow jack is a less familiar
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tinued strong pains, but here the head stopped with both arms lying close
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succeed. The professor thinks version should not be attempted when
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In a week the same operation was performed on the left eye, with a

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