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tem, whether due to overwork, worry or loss of nerve energy will
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to die,” so to speak. Our opportunity to bring them
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bronchiectasis, pneumonia, and abnormal heart condi-
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taxed and so fails to keep the body below the tempera-
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The Collegiate year consists of a Spring Term, which begins 'March 30th, 1892, and ends June
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bolic acid. The patient should be isolated; the public should be
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Medical Statesmanship Comprises the Art of Changing the Health Condition of a Community,
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The lower jaws have been seen to move and the eyes to rotate.
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1. Britten, Rollo H., and Perrott, George St. J.: Sum-
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The institute was a great success, and was well attended
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the Hotel Schenley, Pittsburgh, on November 24. It was
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men’s Compensation Act” was the subject of the next
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medical journals of the country, that in our opinion this Barr
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and the Marine Corps ; in addition, it must care for
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are going to be taken. Then if the doctors are to be
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nicked and divided with scissors, using two fingers for director..
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many audiences during the past two years. Our Ampro
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peared. A year later the breast had shrunken, very few
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vast population, be found in sufficient number to rule
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vision that only those physicians who sign with the
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Tell your patient to be careful and not get hurt over.
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of epsom salts and half a drachm of bromide potassium. It is, I
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rotten, thieving, malicious, designing, scheming fraud of the first
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a-day chicory decoction and doughnuts, his watch is left at the
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to Victory, is the role of nutrition in building a strong
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the prophecies of epidemics of communicable disease and
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“distress” communities. The Act incorporates in its
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good is introduced from the system. Another advantage atten-
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