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and Seed chief y declare the difference • the Flowers
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fqu are corner’d green Stalk, browniih on the fide
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follows, inclofei in fmall long Cods, like the Seed
amitriptyline 25 mg used for
every reason to believe it was an extremely limited number of
amitriptyline hydrochloride overdose
ftrengthens the Head and Brain, clears and (harpens
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out fo high, but bears as many Flowers on it as the
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directly into them. When empty the walls become corrugated
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in wbich are contained fmall, fiat, and grey ifh Seed.
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four feet high, are hollow , jointed , pretty thick
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towards the Tops of the Stalks , very like alfo unto
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the Root is of a firm or fiat fibfiance, yet not woody ,
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lar Chapter by it felf, viz. in Chap. 504. aforego-
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A saline cathartic — sulphate of magnesia, in dram doses,
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where it is fliarp pointed; at the top of the Stalk
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in its manner of growing it differs but little from
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Peels , and cf Red Rofes , be added , with a little
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and ye llowifh color , and wrapped in Down ) is car-
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fimple Contufions * and applied as hot as can be en-
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differs , that the Cup in the middle of the Flower is a
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ture to give the Intufion of a Dram of the Root, bfr
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they are bruifed between the Fingers, and fometimes
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in its manner and form of Flowering, commonly bear-
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reddijh , hoary, hard , hairy , fquare Stalk , about ha/j
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minor Lobelij -, The Ieflbr broad Leav’d Pond-weed.
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counties continued as formerly : also that the office of Secretary
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part full of flicks, di£>fs, and filth, brittle, and of
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I recall to your mind the eight-year-old girl, H. F., that was demon-
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number, like to thofe of Tares, or thofe of the Wild
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l aft being hot flrain out , and keep it for ufe. This
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again before Winter , and fo continues flowering the
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ner of Growing , Height , and yearly Dying away , is

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