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1differ in the intensity with which they stain certain cellular elements
2into the circulation. When small doses of the substances are injected
3is not going to stand sponsor for their irritating and wanton be-
4hea, unless they should yield within a few days or weeks at the
6children under five, in New York City, declined from 96.5 per
7served in extreme anaemias of all kinds, as are also microcytes and
8to confer a supplementary degree on each of its graduates who
9sity of Buffalo, 1889, and thereupon settled in Rochester. He
11its toxic and globulicidal action. The serum of one animal is often
12Such institutions should be and are usually near homes of
13uric acid to the total nitrogen of the urine was found by Bohland
14as wheat, barley, oats, rye, and even Indian corn, may also excite
15Let Ij. of this be taken every half-hour till the pa^
17ear, with surface tenderness at the points mentioned, is sufficient
19high mark of 5747 in 1904, showed a slight increase from 4273
20prepared to show a disposition of fairness to arbitrate among
21in its violence and duration, ibid. 75 to 75. Its termination is
22to be treaced, rlid. The ufe of the bark niuH be abftained from
25body curve after a single injection of antigen in a normal animal.
26The Doctor's Factotum has recently come to our desk, with
27mdex may prove of value as a guide to the- amount and the time
28according to some observers, characteristic. Among others Hay em,
29Firms in large cities usually give only the cit\- address, some not
30terest which doctors, clergymen and the public in general are
32those engaged in teaching, clerical work, manufacturing, etc.,
33usually all poh'morphous and neutrophilic ; exceptionalh' oxyphilic or
34the predominating pathological condition. The lesions may begin
35of the vena azygos into the cava, vol. ix. 56. Whether the
36Jour, of the A. M. A., his plan to include as formal members of
38cafe happily ufed inilead of bleeding, /d7/V. Glifters arefervice-
40ligible factor in pulmonary, tuberculosis of the adult, in children
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