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the pupil in wincinor may depend on the recti. But, in fact, this motion is never
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under the author's care, from the beginning of the year 1827, to the autumn of
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function than in those of northern regions, thus compensating by its activity
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large, granular, opaque, and difier essentially from those of
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could not fiskil to suggest itself, particularly as it was observed that
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twenty-six patients, in whom rheumatism occurred for the first time, the heart
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seen most often in the central nervous system, more particularly
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the ingredients of his mixture, combining, however, at the same time, other
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any similar affection. The author, therefore, concludes that the
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occurred during a long series of years throughout a very extensive range of the
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is imknown. We do know that lymphoid tissue, made up
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able in the care of diabetes includes early detection
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a woman of the Engineers, in a cottage in the same locality, was
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tions, high temperature, and rapid exhaustion from un-
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Six ounces of urine, drawn by catheter, was turbid, dark brown, with
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our purpose to giye an abstract of his doctrines considered as
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sequel of renal disease, how is this dropsy produced? And
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