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the Trustees that the second examination, before the
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satisfied but the tissues are starved; the patient emaciates, loses
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worth of the work. It is hardly to be expected that any person,
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tening nutriment. When the procedure is continued through many
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sweats of acute rheumatism are altogether peculiar, altogether difl"er-
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heat rapidly accumulates in the system, and heat apoplexy with its
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Lecturer on Pathology in McGill University, Montreal; Assistant Physician,
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All the structures here enumerated are necessary to the formation
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possessor of a home, which will conduce greatly to the health and
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the bladder, or by paralysis or loss of nervous control. This condi-
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to be particularly remedial in the treatment of arthritic conditions.
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inhalations of oxygen, and have reported favorable results. But it
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one-third of a grain to each gallon has been added, has passed
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chilly sensations, but the most marked symptom is a sharp, cutting
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ive have the malady presenting itself in the most distinct form, lactic
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of fluids in general and their influence upon the decomposition of fat.
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There are a number of occupations which, if long continued, result
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the brain. The duration of a headache may be a few minutes or
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with the neglectful that a neat person would desire. The teeth should
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Cardiac Asthma. — When the insufficiency of the heart muscle is.
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maintained, with good reason, that erj^sipelas is closely related
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of borax, alum or chlorate of potash may be used with benefit as
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potent to irritate the supportive structures to overgrowth; thus, hand in hand,
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short breath, and finally effusion of blood into the skin, causing
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among tlie gouty, skin diseases are prone to alternate with articular
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the cause of the lymj^hatic SM-elling. It is very convenient, but un-
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to this subject. It is, however, sufficient for practical purposes to
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which call for exposure and muscular effort during the heat of the
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ease to which, from its fatality, the term " malignant" has l)eeu ap-
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rheumatic poison, arrests the rheumatic process, and puts an end to
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and would give it the guaranty of their favor and sup-
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heroic effort to escape such tyranny, and become the independent
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neck and under the ear should be removed with caution, as the large
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that the high temperature is a result of disturbance of nerve centres,
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still more markedly increas3d in bulk, especially at their upper parts,
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field of prosperity and usefulness lay before it, and

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