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James (R.) a new method of preventing and curing the

Hoppe-Seyler's apparatus is too complex to be described in this

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The parcels post which goes into operation January 1st, next,

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The second point of value for the clinician is the polynuclear

Readers are requested to report promptly the death of any physician

Formerly much stress was laid upon the occurrence of retinal

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most cases be let alone. Any attempt to remove the blood would cer-

grees of necrosis with coincident proliferation of the connective tis-

be entirely avoided. The objection that it maj'^ transform a sero-

no longer be recognized; in the latter event the physical signs are

nofls, ibid. Cure, ibid. 416. Signs of a fuppuration or gan-

There are essentially^ three theories which have been adopted to

State Society Meeting. The preliminary program was re-

parent cause, seized with a spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm,

The Buffalo Medical Journal took immediate steps io se-

rather hot. He went into the house and lay down on the bed

nothing to say further than to express the hope that fashions

\66^ whether this time of the difeafe proves fatal, ibid, 165*

On cutting the uterus open in the usual manner, the walls

was killed on the 9th near Todd's Tavern, by a sharpshooter while

case, for the description of those diseases will be found in other parts

cases examined, though this is assuredly far beyond the usual propor-

tosis, as we at the present time understand this condition, is increase

contract practice, vivisects consultants so keenly that they will

part in the etiology, excepting possibh' as predisposing causes, and

displacement of dilatation of one of the viscera which would ab-

281038. Prognofis, z^/V. 41. The curative intentions, /^i^,

tion inhibiting blood formation in the bone marrow.

Our attention has been called to the fact -that certain policies

Atrophy, an, what, vol. i, 116. Wherein it differs from a

able outcome. In from two to five days fever and pain have, as a rule,

differ much from the corresponding bodies that arise on immuni-

to have given invariably positive results in the few cases in which it

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