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1Dr. L. H. Staples of Buffalo, spent two weeks on Georgian
2in his grip on the W'cldon R. R., the Second Corps was set to
3Walker, and the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. H. R. Carson,
4Portrait cuts will be used if desired or will be prepared from
5right to a license by passing a special examination.
6cyanide of potassium for some hours, and subsequently in weak soIut
9soft water ;has been struck by test wells, at a depth of 100 feel,
10marrow and are identical with the cells found in that situation. It
11instigated legislation which eventually led to the enactment of
14the time of a paroxyfm, ibid, 439. what after it, ibid, 440.
15York, while in London, where poverty of desperate degree is far
16extract that I would inject. Poehl has prepared an extract of
17tions of hydrocliloric acid for a similar length of time. In the latter
19peripneumony, what denoted thereby, vol. viii. 351. Why
21a while had an irregularity of that kind. It is very common; it
22hospital to the care and treatment of insanity. It is hoped that
23A.. M. D.. LL. D., New York. Published by P. Blakiston's Son & Co..
24Fig. 3.— Air-Containing Spirals. (After Cureclimann.)
25stance of dense coinnective, cartilaginous and bony tissues, con-
26versity Press, American Branch, 35 W. 32, N. Y. ) ; 431 pages, 202
28may be compared. It represents three years of original observation
29blood evidently takes no direct part in actual manufacture of
31a cheerful change to have her here, even for a short time. The
32remains a possibility of cure by the operation known as thoracoplasty
35tend to establish the truth. For the same general reason, we
37pityriasis rosea, lupus vulgaris, mycosis fungoides, epithelioma
39be dangerous. Furthermore, incision is general!}^ preferred to re-
40251 and feq. 374. The termination thereof threefold, ibid^
41soon became apparent that this inconsistency was precisely the
43In the last five years, the hospital provision for consumptives
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