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less commonly involved, though the mesenteric nodes are sometimes
Jour, of the A. M. A., his plan to include as formal members of
Williams : The Treatment of Bronchial Asthma. American Journal of the
explained by the assumption that small doses of the poisonous sub-
catarrhal symptoms, coryza, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, supraorbital
prentice: address before n. y. optical society. 315
the bulb. Accurate mixture is then obtained by shaking the bulb, a
Notwithstanding, the Journal inforces, so far as possible, the
the \^aldorf-Astoria on W^ednesday, October 23rd, 1912, for
price of ingredients (none less than 5c) and charge for container.
ascribe the seasonal variations to greater tendency to drinking
struction. DeWitt Stetten, M. D. Annals of Surgery, Feb.,
we have no disposition to take sides in this dispute. But Dr.
Henoch also recommended this plan long before it had the scientific
a certain justification from the frequency of these conditions in anse-
and thereby prevents the deeper penetration of the drug. This
not too selfish, at least too hide-bound, to be trusted to regulate
efficacy of antispasmodic remedies, as well as finally the rapid disap-
in other cases there may be the usual signs of pneumopyothorax.
Dr. Frank H. Ransom of Buffalo will move to 880 W. Ferry
tieth Century. There will be x\ppendices covering Medical
most entirely of the general type and of relatively large size. At
liters for ah hour, little more for two hours, the maximum em-
be given to 3 j. for a dofe ; the volatile, to half that
large bottle fitted with stopcocks which connect, by long rubber tubes,
full abstract for publication in the Buffalo Medical Journal.
may be then simply a pain at the level of insertion of the diaphragm
reaches a considerable degree. In other cases cedematous swelling
such as presumably result from simple rupture of the lung — there is
though, on the other hand, they may be quite normal when the dis-

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