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* Sefl. I49i» t l^i^* H9^« li Ihid. 1492. § Ibid. 1494.
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brane. Foa holds that there is an outer layer, the haemoglobin layer
lower portion of the chest, by a fall, or other injury, but the most
Becent French writers upon pleurisy (Ketter, Courtois-Suffit) have
cases purposely treated with potassium and radium emanations.
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pulse was seen upon the back of the hand, but this was due to aortic
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growths is particularly frequent in cases of sarcoma. In. such cases
carefully perfected and requires practically no longer time than
chitis. That is, they appear to occur only in such diseases as affect
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drinkers, but this does not warrant immediate deductions. Beer-
roof of the mouth which become a source of great discomfort. The
Dr. Chauncey P. Smith of Buffalo, traveled in northern Can-

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    "The Six Preludes of Terence Croucher (the longest only 57 seconds) 1 liked very much, the last giving a nod of recognition to Villa-Lobos. The Little Boat does evoke images of the title and Elegy, a much weightier piece, shows us that there could be more strong compositions from this composer..."

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