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resting the excessive fermentation of the contents of the stomach.

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lations occur in a small proportion of these cells.

vol. i. 248. vol. xi. S5, 97, 105. Prognofis, and cure, ibid*

The pus of tuberculous empyema is like that of any cold abscess ;

Dropfical tumours of the glands* and cure thereof, vol. xii.

tient was $7.15 ; the bed was therefore self-sustaining for forty-

or the coincidence of eligible sites in the immediate neighborhood,

Careful percussion and auscultation should never be neglected,

contains, of course, no fibrin and no cellular elements. The pleural

in the latter country) and has been lodging in a public shelter in

the infeĀ£lion is received into the veins, vol. xviii. 141. The

time about all points of inoculation, namely when it occurs at

although it is simply a difference in degree as regards the cjuan-

of water. It is the passage of an impulse from one part of a

The excellent Dr. Brocklejhy^ in his medical ohfer*-

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