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1occur iu the body of the white corpuscles as very coarse granular
2A curious fact is noted in the circular issued by the Associa-
3The lesions are usually small, petechial in character, and do not, as a
4tions should be resorted to except as a final necessity.
5states specifically " that there was no phlebitis or purulent collection
6Sir Walliam Ramsay, has further shown that, as is the case
7quors. I v/as not apprehenfive of any ill effetl: from
9been neglected by American students ; indeed, there has been a
10and the apparent frequency of the disease in malarious countries is
11since birth. The child moves her legs but very little, and is only
12tome or chisel can be guided by the sensation of the hand so as
13of an acute aura]- suppuration, and drainage of the middle-ear is
14treme cases so as to reach the anterior axillary line ; the upper bor-
15to determine which way the inflrument has ^^enetrated within
16ernment horse in addition. This may serve to retain the services
17Case. No. of Cases. Positives. Pet. Negatives. Pet.
20like, one curled like a pug dog's tail or laying retrocecal, one hav-
21The Albany Medical Annals, January, 1913, publishes an
24most powerful of the physiological agents in the mechanism of res-
25the day's program with a most interesting address on "The Uses
26may be prevented by the insertion of a short-rubber tube with glass
27ufefai to determine the depth of wounds of the flcull, ibid^
28the cellular richness of the exudate and the degree of leucocytosis.
29of all of you nurses we would find at least one person who once in
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