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and direction of the movements can be regulated. This obviously can only
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Thomsonian practitioners of that State from their disabilities. — Nineteen
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Anatomy and Physiology, by------- Bobbbt Watts, Ja., M.D.
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flammation of the eye having been subdued, the lower eyelid was
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a sense of the obligation which the medical student is under to the world,,
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inedicine, to consider the transcendant advantages of scientific chemis-
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was perfectly so). To effect this I had a silver trough made, which I
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frequently handled and used the article without being affected by it, I
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and then it is most easily attained and retained, since the muscular pliability is
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there was also laryngismus, but does not think that the mechanical
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are due to the inhabitants eating l^read made from the diseased grain.
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Any one who has not witnessedj(the results obtained by this method
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tains. At last the sick chamber was opened to me ; a neat little apart-
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permanent. On examining the fundus oculi ophthalmoscopically, well-
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bichromate. The chrome ironstone has first to be reduced to a fine powder
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practitioner to. calculate on a favorable operation of such remedies^o
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To uaderstand affections of this nature, it must be borne in mind,
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Treatment of Hcemorrhage after Tonsillotomy. — If the haemorrhage be
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monsters and malformations that only the outstanding ones can be referred
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capsule. Normal serum or normal saline is next drawn up to the same mark a
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The same applies for the most part to the resorts of Southern Italy, such as
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through Patagonia, and who now resides in Oormiah, in Persia, had

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