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4In contra-distinction to the Wassermann test, which will be-
9references to published articles and unpublished case reports for
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11animal cells, especially red corpuscles, which have served as a
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13fluid collects in several communicating apartments formed by adhe-
14where advanced necrosis is present, for I do not know of any
15in the College Museum, where the tumor on the back was ac-
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20of the patient he noticed that the left nipple was enlarged and
22Vaccination, with living bacilli of a different species, how-
23kinks can be detected. We can also examine the soft structures
24As an officer of the Pharmacy Faculty he served for many
25of relief is peculiarly and forcibly the history of ulcer, and re-
26The Shakespeare Myth by Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence, pamph-
27At the same time it is friable and may be easily broken wdth the fin-
30as general malaise, failing digestion, weakness in the knees,
32PisoNis (GuiL.) de Indiae utriufque re naturali Sc Medica
33The diagnosis of either form of chylous effusion can be made only
34the case of a girl dying of tuberculosis and endangering three
35fcorbutical patients, vol, xi. 328, Long fading caufes an
40Leuksemia is almost invariably a fatal disease ; instances of re-
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