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Second edition, revised and enlarged, under the editorship of R. J. E.

compared with conditions thirty-five years ago, account for a

to dissection. John C. Heisler, M. D., Philadelphia. 366 illustrations,

that there 4ire twins in the womb, ibid, 44.0. Whether it is

excepting on the basis of pathological diagnosis, which is neither

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calculiTs, vol. xvi. 347. Not only exids in our fluids, but alio

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has* been followed by untoward symptoms, and even by death,

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to better appreciate the foundation on which the therapeutics rest.

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in eighteen years; but later she had a few slight attacks of asthma.

1. Aquatic Origin. — The a(juatic origin of every animal or-

istic of cancer. Free fat may in some cases be so abundant that the

"Section ]. Article two of chapter thirty-five of the laws of

Cloth, $3.75, net. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia and New York, 1912.

. the use of any other language. A similar bill has been introduced

Other varieties, such as the amenorrhoeic, dj^smenorrhoeic, the

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