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(1856, 1870), in describing the hyi^oplasia met with in the genital

— Chairman Governor Sulzer's Public Health Commission.)

The first indication in a ease of acute pleurisy is usually to re-

sician to his majesty's court of St. Petersburg, and Prof. His,

however, cannot now be maintained. Cases of undoubted leukaemia

spread quickly upon cover-glasses, dried in air, and fixed b}^ drawing

Drs. Nelson W. Wilson and Edgar R. McGuire of Buffalo

of reinflation; later it often becomes the seat of fibroid processes

perfons to a plethora, vol. 1. 293 and feq. It is not com-

probably dependent upon intestional autointoxication. Certain clin-

confirmation rather than disproof of his view, since the normal blood

intestinal tract has suggested to some the likelihood of infection

tion, that while the great tide of industrial development has

mitted suicide in Harrisburg a few days ago by cutting his throat.

rupture on the slightest pressure. The patient was seen by me

ing iuiinials, kept in captivity, trained to assist man in his labors

6 /-/.. In very severe cases the number of megalocytes increases greatly

the spine. He adds, however, the following important confirmation

In cases in which the number of the corpuscles is little reduced there

an exa(5t defcription of thefe two places, in a plate

dle life, this fact must not make us forget that younger women

by 570 cases. In 460 digestive symptoms persisted after the

vol. vi. 20. Whether it may be allowed or not in an ardent

oedematus and thickened condition, in fact few, if any, of tlic

several cases studied by Kolb short thick bacilli, pathogenic for mice,

of the haemorrhage and the absence of every apparent cause for

Vierordt first devised a satisfactory method of counting the cor-

wanda on New Year's Day. The school at La Salle and several

be counted," or, "The number of appreciable beats is so and so,"

Use of Salvarsan. The Secretary is J. N. E. Brown, M. B., 90

Schmidt had an opportunity of studying the mode of forma-

Tuberculosis hospitals should be near center of population ;

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