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they escape into the circulating blood when the conditions of the
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Microscopically the effusion in chylothorax is found to consist of a
Kegarding the occurrence of haemophilia in persons giving no
But let the female become infected, especially in the early
Syphilis is more rare in women than men. Why? Only the
F. R. C. S.. London. Published as above. 375 pages, 32 illustrations.
and New York on Sept. 6, stunned a man near Jamestown, deaf-
pain and the skin surrounding the eye was burned for a distance
AsTRuc (J. M.) Traite des maladies des Femmes. Parif. 1761.
writers recorded cases or contributed to the study of the disease.
ficial examination to the ulcers of typhoid fever. While the lesions
Contrast staining of the nuclei of the white corpuscles may be
and in any profession, is a most regrettable tendency toward a
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symptom, being generally' present when the alterations in the blood
tococci, pneumococci, tubercle baccilli, and other bacteria that
Operation is advised and a method for removing the entire
have gone out of fashion in Western X. Y. It occurs to us that
hardt, (ibid.) classify the bone changes as 1. Tropic, with simple
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ered in a rat. While no immediate fear of a spread of infection
Dr. Howard L. Prince has become associated with Dr. Ralph

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