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1fiagnating blood in the part, dilutes, refolves, pre-
3Gastric Ulcer in Children. — ^Cackovic, Archiv. fur klin.
4(albumoses) has been found by Laache and others. It is sometimes
5and lethargy, ibid. 203 to 20^, Caufes of it, ibid, 206.
6during the summer of 1895, but suffered none from the nasal symp-
7FnSlions^ are recommended in a catalepfy, vol. x. \200. in
8paper and he has a reputation for securing authors of practical
11aqueous solutions must be employed. An excellent nasal spray for
13Deutsche Med. Woch., March 7, and Berliner Klin. Woch., June
14rarely as pronounced in simple leucocytosis as in leukaemia, and the
15phases of medical education, which deserves the careful study of
16It is likely that decreased alkalinity is the prevailing condition, but
18narily irregularities are of two kinds : The lost beat and the extra
19needles which taylors use; with these she joined the lips in the
20spiratory efforts have much to do with the reexpansion of the lung,
21it can be continued for some time. Both atrophia and strych-
22and feq. Method of extricating their acrimonious fiery prin-
24Immermann (1874), Zenker (1874), Eichhorst (1876), Quincke (1876),
25surface and radiates even to the right or left shoulder blade.
27latter were, therefore, designated eosinopliile granules. The careful
28relieved by subcutaneous injections of sea water, and a tempo-
29by sending two reprints to the chiiirnian of the coniniittee. If no
30155; and feq. in an epilepfy, ibid. 420. in canine madnefs^
31studied this subject couclude that the cord changes are such as would
32to dissection. John C. Heisler, M. D., Philadelphia. 366 illustrations,
33skin. Somewhat older "children are very apt to complain of the
34We may pass by many theories, since they date from a time in
35is now the expressed belief of Huguenin, Landouzj', Kelsch and Vail-
36sponges, etc. Two basins, one filled with warm sterile water
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