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Hartzell in an excellent paper entitled "Some Precancerous
somewhat the cells of the marrow. Cells enclosing red corpuscles
is not so confined by adhesions that it cannot reach the surface of the
fluid, and must move slightly in the opposite direction. This fact
the two extremities of the remaining fragment of the atlas, thus
report of the Cancer Commission shows that cancer patients are
making a thorough physical examination in all cases in which the
with I'ourth of July injuries in the i)ercentage of cases developing
vpl. xvi. ^-^^ Is the caufe of the rheumatifm, voL xviii. 30*
the olfactory nerve, a cold, psychical emotion, or the like excites
purity of the respired air might diminish without any of the sup-
bodies is small in comparison with that found in the corpuscles.
is pale and the hard and soft palate may show distinct icteric dis-
Finally, it is the myelocytes in particular which are devoid of amoe-
us as about as vulgar as anything the Philistine ever published,
error, and the patients live on for some time l>eyond that of the
All communications, whether of a literary or business nature, books for review and
ance that an incurable disease may be permanently cured.
internally in an epidemic of scarlatina with a mortality of nearly
shall consider a patient attacked with complete bilateral paralysis.
be entertained. In the first place, it has been shown h\ Stockman
sentiment "The greatest good to the greatest number," means,
the nature of a peripneumony, vol. viii. 254 and feq. Violent
on a small scale, necessarily, might well be undertaken by various
jfymptoms of the moll violent epilepfy, ibid, 335 to 342.
e.g., infantile paralysis, tuberculosis of bone, injuries, congenital
thereof, vol. vi. 237. Cure, ibid, 238. Why extreme
the difficulty of diagnosis is increased by the fact that a tuberculous
manure boxes would still be somewhat dangerous, and exposed
comes loose, that the bottle has to be carried about, and so on. None
Medicinal Treafment. — The so-called Hay's method, or "drj^-diet"
sometimes made these operations on a patient as often as three times
into my hospital. We occupy the house for office and mess pur-
Fourth: The hearing in the vast majority of cases will not be

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