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2the social workers did all in their power to induce her relatives
3oil rectified is recommended in an epilepfy, vol. x. 429.
4of, vol. i. 255. Whence they acquire a fpherical form, ibid,
5occurs in mineral waters, however, we are not told.
6sels. The fibroid process was most marked at the periphery, thus
7The modern rifle is sighted up to 3000 yards, but is generally
8after black, vol. vi. 439. Why an epileptic fit frequently
9have become noted as antiscorbutic in character. Among these
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13ness appeared. On two or three occasions she was seized with
14marked expiratory effort such as a hearty laugh or a sneeze, lifting,
15as ether, ammonia, camphorated olive oil, or strychnine, and external
16there are "wheels within wheels." Now, to prevent misunder-
17have not denied a relationship of these to the leucocytes. The mye-
18which the infection may be traced, and the term secondary purpura
1930 per cent, of a total population should normally consist of males
20The follo-odng table shows the number of corpuscles and the propor-
21and the former asthmatic attacks again appeared. A stay of two
22num, it passes outwards and upwards over the clavicle and shoulder,
23belladonna leaves are most used. The di'ied leaves are smoked either
24thereby, vol* i. 46 to 50, and 263. vol. v. 75 1079. When
25son is made with the thrift of the Chinese who have supported
26come guests, who should make themselves known to some mem-
27condition other than appendicitis it is well to remove the appendix
29the former having been increased by three and the latter reduced
31abundantly in the sputum when the expectoration during the presence
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