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palsies, as in the case of facial palsy recorded by May ; and central
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Advances in the Methods of Examination of the Air and Food
are frequenth^ observed. Examination of the blood shows marked
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tional condition is often typhoidal; there are rapid emaciation,
The pigment occurs in the form of yellowish, brown, or black
terizations may be made on each side, seldom more than two being
or more of the intra-cranial complications, that unfortunately
microchemical studies of Ehrlich showed beyond question that these
two years a fat goat will yield 6 to 10 pounds of clear tallow,
of the abdominal structures, has proven to me that but few living
Fomentation mild and faturnine for an ulcerated cancer.
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"Sec. 8319a. It shall be unlawful for any physician or surgeon
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Cliarriu et Roger : Societe medicale des hopitaux de Paris, 1891.
ture the cannula be allowed to remain. Bouveret makes a still better
house Elec. & Mfg. Co. 1,029,696. Massage Apparatus.
hagic manifestations. Fever may be absent, but in most cases it is
Sollidfude, when it difpofes perfons to melancholy, vol. xi. i^.
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vent the great increase of chronic insanity, which is proving such
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mize symptoms of this kind. Persons who come for treatment
Dion IS (Ckarl.) Diflertation fur le Taenia ou ver plat, dans la
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pathological condition. CuUen, and later Andral and Gavarret, noted
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coptica, must likewise be looked upon as supposititious rather than
D. pneumoniae in pneumonia, B. tuberculosis in tuberculosis, etc.,
Dental Inspector for Niagara Falls. — The Board of Edu-
vular incompetency are unusual. The respirations are hurried and
the absence rather than the presence of alterations from the normal.

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