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In contradistinction to the pallor which is the ordinary appearance

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or trivial incisions upon the surface may cause fatal hemorrhages.

thing is observed in diseases affecting the walls of the blood-vessels,

those in which the thymus gland has been found much enlarged and

the corpuscles of the hand held in the air number from five to ten or

instruments, for examination of the oesophagus, duodenum and

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Epistaxis is one of the commonest conditions and may prove serious.

amount of malaise. The temperature ranges from 101 to 103,

anxiety connected with dyspnoea like those mentioned above. The

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In the most frequent form of the disease, the lienomedullary,

Few reports contain such valuable lessons in economics. Com-

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Finally in some instances decided irregularity of the temperature may

The oligocythaemia of pernicious anaemia is extreme. In no other

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more recently by Banti, Potain, Debove, and Bruhl. This form has

cussion note to remain unaltered. Mensuration is still less reliable.

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