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1This condition is characterized by the appearance of dark granular
2disease, to dilatation of the chambers of the heart and retraction of
3Peruvian bark for mtermittents, various preparations
5pire on August 12, and that he willl, therefore, be mustered out
7thousand dollars yielded $350.00 a year ; the weekly cost per pa-
8consciousness or mental perturbation of the patient prevents him
9Aromatic plants, their produds, preparations, ufes, and mod* of
10maximum, about 20% above the average occurring in March;
12multiple) appears to A'iew. The white corpuscles are identical with
15the opinion that some legislative control of vivisection is inevi-
16man 31 years old who hiad 'soires lon the penis and glandular en-
17tive concentration in the blood the lowest ; on intramuscular in-
18from obflrudions of the veffels, ibid. 394. Diagnofis, prcg-
19The reahsorption of even a large i)leuritic effusion may be com-
20pallor or the somewhat sallow hue of the patient's skin may attract
21probablr an exaggeration at least. Certain forms of pernicious
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