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enter the stomach from the intestine when the source is near
dominal symptoms are usually extremely severe. Vomiting and
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549. The proper method of treatiiig a paralytic llomach,
jaundice fails to occur, the skin of the patient presents the waxen
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that there is a spirally shaped opening of the smaller into the larger
Of late years, the plurality, sometimes the majority of immi-
Bonnar, Chairman, Board of Censors ; Dr. F. Park Lewis, Chair-
the diet for a sufficiently long period. He calls attention to sodium
tive indication of depression of any function to warrant the fear.
and feq. Indication, tbid. 234. Origin of the feventh, which
1912 J reports a rare form of oesophageal haemorrhage with
sequel. In fiction, undesirable persons have a tendency to re-
Yarious conditions causing debilitating discharges {Sci/teverluss)
ally certain constitutional diseases in the parents appear to be sig-
supersecretion which may instead continue for quite a while
tical with those of a solid growth or encapsulated effusion as long as
very prejudicial. It is therefore the part of a pru-
Case No. 5. — Patient A. A., age 29, male, married; occupation,
the external opening is large and free, and no vacuum can possibly
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erable that he should do it elsewhere. The temptation to run
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is much more common in x\merica than in the crowded countries
and the tonsils may be among the earliest seats of disease, becoming
a burden to every State of the Union. This will mean much to
a marked contraction of the chest, especially of its lateral and pos-
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illustrated among the laborers engaged in making the St. Gothard
rather than to other groups of glands. In the case of the superficial
sion is purulent. A graver form has been described by Fraentzel as
ment of the lymphoid structures of various parts of the gastro-
the neurons, with consequent loss of continuity of the nerve

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