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1most wanton curelty and neglect, even sadism, on the part of a
2Nasse, Schonlein, Wachsmuth, Grandidier, Legg, Simon, and Dunn.
3Hyperinosis, the cause of death in a case of chronic paren-
4medical problems to enter with a sympathetic spirit into the
5percentage of cases and in a rather limited field, when the patient
7Aureliani (Caelii) de morbis acutis & Chronicis. Amilelo-
9test negative. But there is a method of treatment that will render
10tionably holds a close relation to anjemic affections in general, and in
11perforative, and the damage lies only in the track of the bullet ;
12attack itself it cannot be employed; in the intervals there is no occasion
14larger numbers varying from that named up to 1,300 C. or more.
17though the relative quantities are the same. The close association
18It is also probable that hemorrhagic pleurisy is occasionally in-
20the asthmatic. In the former the disease usually comes on suddenly
22old j)eople, vol. v. 25 j ; and for intermittents, vol. vii. 326*
23to physicians in response to what was considered a legitimate
24caused him some alarm. Still he did not think it serious enough
25cytes or in the other form of red corpuscles. This iDhenomenon was
26Samuel Keefer, a farmer near Penn Yan, N. Y., has passed
27plish the desired results. In mild cases ten or twelve cauteriza-
29feq. Flatulent tumours thereof, in hyllerical women, are errq-
30Under treatment the leucocytosis subsides, the anaemia gradually
31Paternalistic provision of medical aid is naturally and properly
32tion of change in the quantity of fluid from day to day, repeated
33from the authoritative opinion regarding high altitudes has rather
34tered the field, and have already given us some idea of the relative
37fair to all, is from the guest's standpoint most gratifying — or at
38autopsies it is almost an exceptional occurrence to find the pleura
39France in 1873, received the medical doctorate in 1900 and came
46report cases. The first was autochthonous. A protozoan closely
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