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worthy of the prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for
281. Hence by fuppuration, ibid, z^z. Why a peripneu-
deposited in the cells of the outer and middle zones, of the hepatic
surrounded by thickened connective tissue and may be partly organ-
Biermer : Ueber die acute Lungenblahung und ihre Beziehung zum Bronchial-
W. R. Bloor of St. Louis, Interstate Med. Jour., March, 1913,
in rear of the line of battle of the 2d Division for forty-eight
truth in it and that it cannot be eradicated from the earth. On
tion is needed to disseminate information as to the danger of
most careful and extended training in ophthalmology as well as
certain hemorrhagic lesions of the intestines also may be of this
of its rapid advancement and wide spread metastases and its al-
197 cases, 45 deaths; in 1906, 259 cases, 63 deaths; in 1907, 186
are not the only ones who are anxious to be in fashion. Years
Laboratory has fitted him, to discuss the subject as an authority.
his student days at the University of Michigan where he already
the 'Tost Graduate" lectures of the Pharmaceutical Society of
dependent in the largest measure upon the presence of sodium in the
Make an eleduary ; hall" a drachm of which is to b^
has become more rapid — 140 to 150 per minute, showing a dimin-
ciency of arterial pressure. Fraentzel states that he has seen in-
ought to he thus listed but who is not. We also note in the active
gus, or very rarely into the pericardium ; or it may gain entrance to
broth, or fome infufion. On the firil night, the fick
still in print under a slightly different title. Golden Rules of
as age, desire for offspring, number of previous children, and
It is a common occurrence for physicians to receive circulars
"VMiether they actually exercise antiscorbutic power or not, they may
present time whether or not this disease actually bears a direct etio-
with external wound, it is often impossible to tell whether it comes
heart tonics, etc. \t want and in western New York, we have

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