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graduate courses of twelve months, every year, in their practice,
between the two affections. The Ij^mphatic glands are primarily
charge of the Second Corps on the 12th is regarded as one of tl 3
Foa has described certain granular degenerations of the red cor-
Administered internally, Listerine is promptly effective in ar-
tumors, and that rather with a view to their pathological anatomy
I am beginning to make preparations to leave the service,
these conditions as leuksemic and in only a few cases was the con-
signs which are often among the first to arrest the observer's atten-
of those known as myelocytes, is of great importance. The oc-
ScHREiBER (Jo. Fred.) Obferv^atlones & Cogitata dePedilenti^
and secundines. The upper part of the incisiorn was an inch
tuberculous process. Many of these hemorrhagic cases are acute — a
times seen to result from massage in persons having a thin skin and
nouncements and methods. It is worth while, however, to em-
excessive sweating, or the like, similarly increases the number of
Executive Committee is Dr. G. E. Brewer, New York, and other
aestliesia) may occur Id the peripheral parts. Bowman has described
possible, gives only 703. Of these, we know personally, 42 that
Catalogue oitiniuni pene audorum qui ab Hippocrate ufque
the air differs but little in composition from the external atmos-
in many of the cases which have some of the gross lesions men-
It is characterized by marked gastrointestinal symptoms, by slight
three fpecies, vol. x. 77. Caufes, diagnofis, and cffe<^s
ibid. The divifion thereof, and definition, ibid. What cautious
the cauterizations that were made in 1894 and 1895, very few of them
Reader, Dr. H. L. Prince. Subject, ''The Abbott Treatment of
pressure exerted upon the important mediastinal structures. Nearly
Hemiplegia, a, what, vol. x. 138, 286. Why more dangerous before
secured and divided as they are brought into view. The axillary
is also an important factor. Much of the literature on this sub-»
CEdema of the chest wall is a more valuable index of pus. While
paroxysms quite as frequently in the daytime as at night.
tion have entirely disappeared. It may, however, begin during the
thetic to suffice for the purpose, there being good reason for ■
articulus non calens collapfusfu^ neque extumeat^ frigidum
a point as to whose wisdom only those in close touch with affairs,
That by a spasm of the bronchial muscles, especially if we sup-

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