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In Rochester it has cost for the past three years from 59 cents
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agement, philanthropy, nursing, etc., will be discussed/. Dr.
of putrid empyema which he examined : The bacillus found by Lofiler
well substantiated, is furnished by the crystalline lens : the pro-
disappeared in all the cases, after all possible remedies had been pre-
The chemistry of the body is carried back to the lightning flash
period," he says, "I had from time to time met with a ver^^ remark-
net profit has increased over 600% as compared with 1900, while
the effect varies according to the degree of enlargement which the
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by the fact that Gaillard could collect but twelve instances. In early
The Buffalo Medical Journal will publish regularly, full transactions of any
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erecting a tent to accommodate the child at an out-door camp.
lar carcinoma of the mammilla, occuring in a woman of forty.
control of the social evil in his city. The President, Dr. John R.
particular plague, ibid. Has fometimes lain concealed under
it is, whether inspiratory, expiratory, or mixed dyspnoea. In con-
oftenest has an acute onset and course (Yignalo, Netter). It is
causing pain and gives most satisfactory results. The usual dose
Antimony^ ieems to ad as an expeflorant, vol. viii. 420. Diiferent
removed. Pathologic examination revealed numerous small cysts
entire lifetime. For about 6 months previous to the present
rate study of cross breeding, well woTth our attention and we
Auscultatm^y signs are varied and of exceptional value. The most
aorta and blood-vessels. In other cases it is probable that the re-
of Freiburg, was the guest of the Buffalo Club on March 16,
The high grade of auEemia, the extreme smallness of the lymphocytes,
usually increased, though it has been found decreased hy some ob-
grime from wounds and is also a good antiseptic. That this
spirits. The high tension arterial measurements indicate its pres-
Miscroscopical examinations of the urine are of the greatest

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