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rests entirely upon speculation. There seems to be undoubtedly a

know 50,000 to 75,000 words. On the other hand, if one counted

hemorrhages are observed. More frequently the bases of the lungs

merely in the occurrence of small petechial ecchymoses upon the

One author claimed that he had noted several hundred attacks

the skin, of the larynx and of the so-called scrofulous diseases

amounting to one liundred or even several hundred cubic centimetres.

''• and at leaft of a year's continuance/* § Coiunnius

have studied the resistance of tlie red corpuscles to various solutions

more striking in its effects than is a mixed diet. In cases of pro-

renal calculus. Fruit pits, however, are much lighter than cal-

Here is a part of a letter recently received from a prominent

The latter is practically always present in inflammations of these

cases a simple change of residence is sufficient to stop the attacks,

fumigations that often relieve the spasmodic affection may also be

intercostal spaces; when this is marked intrapleural tension is

point, is that of blood cultures, showing whether a bacteriemia

liver, ibid, 181. Afa-foetida recommended as a remedy

vol. X. 764. in a catalepfy, ibid. 202. in a febrile delirium,

in different cases. It is likely that vital forces are concerned in these

Northrup, W. P. : Arcbives of Pediatrics, 1889, p. 786.

complications at the onset of which it usually falls, and in rap-

and Landwehr and Freund, in calling attention to the same fact, sug-

investigators, including Ceci, de Grimard, Guamieri, Cheyne, Bohrer

luted with water saturated with the same gas. The results obtained

may be able to cut well, and he may know the technique of aseptic

pensive precedent that such official recognition may still further

nificant amount of blood destruction occurring in the disease. In

on a self-supporting basis but public or private philanthropy

spasm of the diaphragm which is especially obseiwed in the hysteri-

ed the meeting of the American Gastro-enterologic Association in

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