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1Baltimore, and in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery : Emeritus
2"How do you manage in other cities to keep out the well-to-do?
3Walker, and the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. H. R. Carson,
4tinal tract, after hemorrhages from the lungs or uterus, or in cases of
5hbrin may then be perceived as a finely granular layer which is
6of an inch in diameter; thus it was an easy thing to dissect off
7and other organs as in the cases beginning in the spleen or bone
9typhosus, Bacillus ooli communis. Streptococcus rheumaticus,
10after varying lengths of time — a few weeks — and becomes rela-
12ophile corpuscles is not increased, and in which indeed their num-
13were observed by Minick, v. Noorden, Eisenlohr, Bowman, Burr, and
14of manganese led at one time to the hope that this remedy would
15measure such cases are toxic, as doubtless the vascular changes are
16can be passed down the tube into the interstitial portion within
18Doubtless the fact that the Bronx has double the mortality for
19have one surgeon in charge of food and shelter, whose duty is
20sion, made a verbal report on the work accomplished.
21analysis, by comparative biological examination, and by physio-
23abdominal cavity, the bowels should be thoroughly unloaded,
24frequency, but that the expiration is prolonged at the expense of the
25* Digeflion, or the verh^i^ero, is ufed in three different fenfes :
26showed that the bone marrow may be involved, and described the
27or completely flattened out. Microscopically generalized hyi)erplasia
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