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Polymyositis With Multiple Lime Deposits. Sara Welt
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edited by Dr. George F. Butler; Preventive Medicine by Dr. Henry B.
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Association, from the section on Obstetrics, Gynecology and
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Pathologists have thus distinguished various forms, such as simple
Charles Cauley, born in Ireland in 1803, died December 25,
however, aids the diagnosis, and attachment to the skin and a ten-
tion of the vessels by thrombi or by cellular masses (leukaemia) may
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In 1890 Robinson (6) reported a case of carcinoma of the
Experimental and clinical evidence shows that there is an intimate
necrosis of the middle-ear be demonstrated by our examination,

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    "The Six Preludes of Terence Croucher (the longest only 57 seconds) 1 liked very much, the last giving a nod of recognition to Villa-Lobos. The Little Boat does evoke images of the title and Elegy, a much weightier piece, shows us that there could be more strong compositions from this composer..."

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