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of the lungs are prone to be intensely hypersemic as compared with

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"Bronchial Asthma" in von Ziemssen's "CyclopEedia of the Practice

looked upon the granulations of Ehrlich or some of them as degener-

mother's milk. While the bovine type may be considered a neg-

the name of arthritis, ilfid. 7 and feq. 2nd 11. Said to be

one of youth and beauty. The procedure consisted in applying

ureter and retention of urine in the renal pelvis. Backache,

vol. xi. 342, 343 Some people are fubjecl to bloody Itools,

he detected onh' by strong percussion, and is found only in very

Harry Spirs, San Francisco, Cal., Instruments used for Aiag-

properties thereof, and effects on the human body, vol. v. 3 ig

and are usually prominent throughout the course of the case. The

Surgical Reports, which often contain case reports of great value.

latent forms are tuberculous — that is to say, cases of genuine pleural

cerebral manifestations. These are absent, however, except dur-

The eruptive process occurs in the form of small petechi^e or of larger

beneficial in epidemic difeafes, ibid, 25 and feq«

which the total number, on an average, was about 300,000. Some-

When the diagnosis is assured I believe it is our dutv and

carried on Board by the Ambulance Corps. The point where I

observed from time to time, and in the most advanced stages a form

healthy animals. An increase of the globulicidal power (or the

impossible if the air does not become surcharged with dust.

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