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therefore, the most reliable ; he found that in a total of 127 cases of

dence warrants a strong suspicion that scurvy is an infectious disease,

perfons afHidled therewith, ibid. 202, and fcq. Whether their

that the condition of the stomach is secondaj-y to that of the blood.

quently after epileptic paroxyfms, ibid, 391. An hemiplegia

Co. 1,035,489. Apparatus for the Production of Ozone.

Dermatologists and pathologists are by no means united in regarding

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great majority of new recruits went into active practice at once,

per cent, to correspond to the natural increase of population be-

has sometimes led to the expression leukannic plethora.

without a ftick. Cotunnius * imagines this was owing

retardation of coagulation in consequence of which the red corpuscles

indurated area in the breast which is painful is not malignant.

and grown hoodlums. Is it too far fetched to suggest that the

of performing it, ibid. 500 and feq. What remains to be

ignore the danger of the bacillus. In fact, our friend S. A.

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carefully perfected and requires practically no longer time than

own reasoning directed me the way, or some diagnostician, what-

A similar affection had been recognized by Italian writers and

season of the year exercises a like influence. The attacks are par-

gard to their value also opinions are divided. A genuine cure is

excess as would demonstrate a high intrapleural tension would be

composing the animal kingdom, the marine invertebrates con-

patients in whom peculiarity in the digestive function at this time of

inversely as the duration of the disease. Complete cure is only to

clean water, the dipper placed within, the whole covered and

faction, do have a beneficial effect. Finally, experimental investiga-

mononuclear or transitional form in the much greater size of the

point of excitation is peripheral, here for example the nose, the

ciallj^ frequent about the knee, elbow, and ankle joints. Considerable

Cut thefe fmall, and boil them well in a fufficient

Sulphur ; this substance is mentioned in the oldest scientific

Briigelmann in his monograph on asthma distinguishes five differ-

pallor; the sensorium is clouded; the rapid respiration is inter-

specific disease germ — and we say germ instead of bacterium,

by relaxing the fibres and veflTels where the juices

mouths. More than half of all cases, as we have just seen, die within

frequent sneezing caused by dust and other irritants and well-marked

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