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belongs to Biermer (1868) , who also gave to the disease the name by
emanations of certain animals, or even to the bright rays of the sun.
indicates, vol. ix. 383 to 386. Cure of it, ibid, 387. If ia
centration during active immunization of dogs with foreign blood
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characterized by the greater proportion of cells of large size such as
arteries, the pneumogastric, recurrent, and phrenic nerves, the
cases collected b}" Gowers six presented the last-named complication.
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influenza, Miiller following sepsis, and Fraenkel after a similar dis-
gist of the whole problem of medical education is that it is neither
such an occurence, it cannot be ascribed to carelessness ; it is
Rev. Abraham Isaac Trager, a rabbi v^ho died recently at
and the prognosis is good. Three other cases of ihead injurv
The Blood. — -The greatest interest in the pathology of this disease
patients by various authors (MuUer, Gabritschewsky, von Noorden,
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day, according to the exposure of the patient or the direction of the
In a recent study Albertoni claims to have found that the red cor-
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of the gout's proving fatal, z^/W. 165, 166. Solution of diyer?
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tation noted. A hanging drop was made of the paramecium and

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