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activities in connexion with the annual commencement and

having for its purposes the prevention of cruelty in Animal Ex-

the same objects and usually the same name, have been organized

THE British medical profession is complaining bitterly about

the great majority of effusions are small, or at most moderate in size;

ing death in from six to eight days. In one, there were hemorrhages

occur early in the disease and may lead to the recognition of the

ists' attention, either because they have had no symptoms or been

Frederic J. Cotton of Boston, George Emerson Brewer of New

denote a gangrene to be prefent, ibid. 217. thefe are not to

it may also result from a simple serofibrinous pleurisy, such in-

characteristics of the living matter. It is truly inert matter ; dead,

the A. M. A., Sept. 28, nine were of Civil War veterans. Aside

they may be ufed inftead of bleeding, even without fcariiica-

activities in connexion with the annual commencement and

Dr. Paul M. Pilcher, who has edited the Long Island Medical

of Hull's, thrombosis extended rapidly from the small saphenous

Ouincy, de Balzac, Hawthorne, Burns, Poe, Coppee, John Stuart

membranes. The body is usually not much emaciated, though in

constitutional diseases have been noted, but certainly play an inferior

He regards the practical danger of tuberculous cow's milk to

second, ecchymoses in the muscles, liver, and intestines as well. His-

locyte, however, was regarded by them as a form never seen in the cir-

to prey on all the adjacent parts, ibid, 51. Signs of its fpread-

A cattle raid has been made in the vicinity of the hospital

summer than in the winter, though often persistent, they are

obtained from the subcutaneous injection, more by the intramus-

partment of the metal cylinder, and the compartment then filled to the

of treatment simply because a practitioner has no college degree

son-Himmelstjerna has studied this in particular, while Bockedahl

Dr. Lucien Howe of Buffalo delivered a popular lecture at the

may be found at the sternal border, or, in extreme cases, even an inch

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