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Dr. F. E. Fronczak, Health Commissioner of Buffalo, has
D. W. Dorrance, Koler, Oreg. 1,042,413. Artificial Hand.
vol. V. 15. Epiala, what, ibid, F>yfipeIatous, what, (See
It costs about $480 a year in the average Class A medical school
Study, though it cultivates the mind, is neverthelefs injurious to
dern. Jabrbucb fiir Kinderbeilkunde, 1890, xxxi. , p. 302.
distended the manifestations were those of intense mania.
of the optometry law of New York. These men have precipitated
chymatous nephritis, Dr. Allard Memminger, Charleston, S. C,
to adhere to the leucocytes or red corpuscles or more frequently to be-
thereby, vol. iii. 65 Alcalious, why abhorred in fevers,
Limbs y the fwelling of them in a confumption, what denoted
University of IVnu.sylvania. 12mo.. 237 paires. with 67 engravings and 5
removed but a few moments before. Can anyone think for a
respiratory movements of the abdomen is the essential symi)tom of
which maj' occasion anaemia, the gastrointestinal disorders are
Cheefe, how made, vol. i. 209. vol. x. 297. Forms a peculiar
The only other local ill efifect which can be anticipated from
Ex TON (Brudenell) a new and general fyllem of Midwifery,
sarily, have recently died, the plural being shown to be more ap-
the removal of polypi which by no means completely obsti'ucted the
described by a number of observers. Thus Virchow described certain
those of Penzoldt, who found that although the pleura seems to re-
more nearly does it resemble a literal slaver}*. Yet, on reflection,
be feasible. We will, therefore, allow the $1.50 rate to bona
stomach, uterine or rectal hemorrhages, the character of the blood
purposes these two varieties, the lienomedullary and the lymphatic,
pigmented nsevus as being the most malignant of the new growths ;
pleurisy. Some rely upon a milk diet, which can, however, hardly

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