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1are included. In 1911, the Buffalo list numbered 667, 22 of whom
2speak, allergic manifestations due to toxic substances arising or
3from flatness to the full tone of pneumothorax, is extremely easy
4cent. Gascuel, conversely, found among 91 cases of malum per-
5upper and lower respiratory tract are less frequent with dry than
7ture of the condition, while in some instances local epidemics and even
8Pressure over the oedematus mastoid swelling does not as
9didly discussed. When a large public hospital donated by the
10soldiers and sailors, including the militia w'hen in actual service
11it might be the better fitted for appearing in print,
13eral principles of taxation that ought to be made political issues,
16arseniate of potassium or sodium to Blaud's pill is advisable in all
17commission within ten days of his assumption of office and that
20larger fiz^, but from the acceffion of fome other caufe, ihid.
21always had an asthmatic attack if fresh coffee was handled in his
22with iodine. The patient was a woman aged 6-1, with a small
23hind the head and express the venom from the poison sacs. The
24peutic point involved. Previously the problem has been mainly
25Fig. 30. — Arrangement of Cross-lines over the Coimting Chamber.
26tween the fixteenth and thirtieth year is moll fubjed to it, ibid.
28troubkfome, and the cure, ceteris paribus^ more dif-
29count I have myself observed was 450,000. In studying a case dur-
30the entire attack, but in most instances slight elevations of temper-
31possible for the case to develop, after the correction of one de-
34centers will probably be added as the need arises. While the
35I. Latent and susceptible (according to the lay nomenclature,
37special importance ; also telegraphic reports of outbreaks and
38Medical Association, Rochester Pathological Society and Roches-
39the eruption and continued for more than a month afterward
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