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malignant growth, or hydatid. Exploratory puncture will then

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instances nodules may be found in the mucosa of the stomach or in-

right side between the fourth and sixth ribs. These changes, as

requirement of a collegiate year, beginning with the session of

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The position of the patient during aspiration may be either up-

While agreeing with the general spirit of these resolutions, it

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with promotion on further examination at the end of the period,

ing, and in a case of Coupland's the fistula remained open until

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the two phrenic nerves by placing one electrode over one nerve and

a supply for 100,000 population. The News points out that the

7 — Containers — Bill and Powder Boxes, 5c. Ointment Boxes,

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death, " pleural epilepsy," convulsive seizures, and the like, incident to

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one who has drank for years even in so-called moderation, or

and able to get out of bed and walk about-, his ap-

resident, 3, total, 13 ; Members lost during the year, by death, 2,

Occasionally when the condition is of long standing there is

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