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small intestines, and various other operations as well as pro-

with promotion on further examination at the end of the period,

vivisectionists, although it naturally does not meet with favor

Christine de Stumbele. The most celebrated cases, however, are

a trip is taken, the itinerary of which is so arranged that medical

For greater convenience in description and also because of certain

Monro (Donald.) An EfTay on the Dropfy. London. 1756. 8vd.

subject, of course, to "making good." And, don't expect a

it is in these cases that extreme thoracic deformity is oftenest encoun-

Ealfe and others who hold that the lack of malates, citrates, and

occurring in a family through several generations in New England, and

This swelling is excessively tender upon pressure. Pressure with

stituents are other albumins (nucleoalbumin) , lecithin, cholesterin.

the matter of the vaginse of the nerve, as well from

and the axillary resected (Figs. 4 and 5.) The artery was found

complained of a good deal of obstruction in the nose and excessive

This is one of the best of the publications of its kind, serving

The theories which maintain that there is a primary disease of

nosis in such instances is frequently open to not a little suspicion.

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fruit jar, which the surgeon opens and holds, the requu'ed

examined ; he exhibited it to his class, and it was mislaid or lost.

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fied in claiming that there is no hospital of modern

have little or no efifect on another and apparently similar condi-

the number to be about 85,000. The discrepancy is due largely

unfortunately, but little to say. Of the serous type, repeated

dix abscess which was incised and drained. At the second opera-

position of forced inspiration, after which there succeeds a rapid and

casionally they occur during the day (F. diurna) or constantly (F.

ing and repeated examinations of the centrifugalized urinary

its clinical significance. Bilirubin, as shown by Beck, Bauer and

of blood and a general rule is to pay no attention to a reaction

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