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1Mrs. Barbara Ann Dillinger of Stoneboro, Pa., a real daugh-
2excellent plates, and many must be made from different angles
4Mix and make into pills, each of three grains^ which
6Garekgeot. (Rene' ]aq^ de) Traite des Operations de
7time, being lighter, vol. i. 22r, 329. Caufes a flight fever
9growth was made known before delivery of the child ; within a
10marrow, though in some of these cases pernicious anaemia was un-
11may be a consequence of posterior lobe insufficiency, and that
12gout, vol. xiii. 115. Bandages on the inferior extremities
13thin bodies are present in much greater abundance than in health or
15nucleated erythrocytes of larger size than the normal red cells. In
16looks nearer to us than the anterior-inferior quadrant, showing
17the resemblance to prurigo is extremely close and the diagnosis is
18is not in the comparatively small saving for present consumers
20avoided by injecting 5cc of a 1-2 per cent, solution of X^ovocain.
21that our water is still liable to contamination : the fact remains
22Story on "The Fourth International Congress of Hygiene."
24in the picturesque aspects of medicine and in the personalities of
28much frightened at the reaction and from what they stated it
29Ballonii (Guliel) Epidemiorum Sc Ephemeridum Libri cura
30that they would not blame me for deserting them. Why? Because
31and Dr. C. N. Palmer of Lockport spoke in favor of the hospital.
32ished resonance or flatness of the opposite side. The mediastinum
33C. A. Howe, Chicago, Ills. 1,025,571. Foot-Support.
39malignant endocarditis, pseudomembranous or suppurative forms
40a very few nodosities which disappeared in a few days. After
41may be almost entirely due to excess of lymphocytes. The latter
42problems and limitations of knowledge. Neither is there any
43will bring him to a minimum age of twenty-five instead of
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