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1has long been recognized that the application of excessive cold, such
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3and its appendages as well as from the male sexual organs. With
4pneumopyothorax. By timely operation life may often be saved if
5the operation, for hernia, by Dr. Wm. S. Brainbridge, could be
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7Contufion of the head, (fee Contujion ) Wounds in the head
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16between the su1)clavius and the pectnralis minor, lies over the
17list — presumably for the entire scope of the directory — includes
18feebly ; in others, especially the lower parts, not at all. On the other
19Dr. Myrtle A. Hoag announces the removal of her office from
21tervals of one or more days. The older spots sometimes fade to a
22are pretty free from pain ; but, on the lead motion, are im-
23particular would seem to have some influence in the causation of per-
24tiveness, this close application to the affairs of the College to*-
25cannot help but transmit their taint to the offspring.
26N. Y., December 15. He was a practitioner of Phoenicia, N. Y.
27Further investigations may clear up the question of the original
30This review of periodic literature is now familiar to all, each
31Consumption of Sugar. Excepting that the extensive indus-
32also with regard to the pathologic states encountered.
34of Buffalo ; Drs. J. S. Gianfranceschi, W. H. Hodges, W. D.
35its appearances, ibid. 36 and feq. Wherein it differs from
36Deglutitioiiy a diihculty of, a bad fign in ardent fevers, vol. vii»
37experience and that they are a perfectly natural thing to expect,
38of Chattanooga {Jour. Opii. and Oto-Laryn., Aug., 1912.) details
40regarded as hostile to the medical profession and he is certainly
43pupils, a total of lOo especially dangerous to others ; 30
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