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anniversary of his service as officiating master of Forest Lodge.
and what water they have drunk, or how they have been exposed
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Physicians in Europe (See page 360, January, 1913, issue
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bility the primary disease rarely resides in the spleen.
orrhage, the toxic properties of anesthetics, exhaustion, fear
sign which possesses considerable interest but is of no great clinical
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of solidification — coagulation or clotting. This process consists in
living animals in this State and the amount of avoidable cruelty
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cold weather and, at the time of the fire in the Goundry Street
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demands that a required operation be performed in the patient's
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In the sputum these crystals are chiefly found in yellow or green-
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menses becomes lighter than normal without further disturbance.
vent the former temporary swaying of the A. M. A. by self
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hay asthma should be regarded as the typical vasodilator form in
rising and falling in the epigastric and hypochondriac regions, which
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Each large university city on the continent was visited by a
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