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Readers are requested to report promptly the death of any physician

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fication of the lower part of the foot, one may fafely wait

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A similar case to this is recorded by Dr. Gabriel King, of

There are no general symptoms, neither elevation of temperature

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septic and astringent powder for local dressing until arrange-

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backwards into his (McMahon's) arms, expiring almost instantly.

not even a tendency to tonsillitis. In another case, however, the de-

Bleeding from the mucous membranes constitutes one of the fre-

that post-mortem changes in the corpuscles outside the body may

Pleural Tuberculosis. — In this form the proportion of blood is gen-

with each successive convulsive movement. There may even be

ing to Birch-Hirsclifeld spleens weighing 5-10 kgm. are not unusual.

noting the effect. Children will bear 0.15 gm. and nurslings 0.05

pains in the fide, ibid. 3 and feq. There is a near affinity

of the problem basic to the theory of ventilation — the question

processes in the smaller bronchi. Curschmann assumes for most, if

portance, for this organ is seldom or never, if we except a few re-

the normal individual, is clearly traced and the whole discussion

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Of course, preferred stock is more safeguarded than common

deceptive efforts to conceal the real cause that the physician is

and effedls, ibid. 97. If in the pharynx, what, ibid. 98*

about politics of clubs or of the nation ; and that we take no

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