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4fatal anaemia in pregnancy and during the i^uerperal period has
5clear cells which are often densely filled with the gramdes in question.
7tuberculosis cases, a few months residence in a sanitorium gives
8oedema may be de^Dendent upon the pressure of the enlarged glands,
9Cryftaliine, what, vol. ibid, 242. Siliquofe, what, ibidĀ»
12of the contributors to Park's and Dennis's systems.
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15tion is thrombosis of the veins. This was first observed by Trousseau
17called to this by Dutrochet in 1824 and by Wharton Jones in 1846.
19Brooks, Jr. Although private, charity cases will be taken.
20be extreme. Constitutional symptoms are very prominent ; the ini-
21plaques are also discussed. Fischer considers them characteris-
22picture be sufficient for such a diagnosis, then the culture is
23worthy of consideration, the cosmetic and the prophylactic. The
24America at the age of 40, ceased using alcoholic beverages at
27halation anesthetics do not differ so much in their lethal quali-
29denote a gangrene to be prefent, ibid. 217. thefe are not to
30affection under consideration is not to be classed with true haemo-
31Very rarely it has been found at the umbilicus, thus suggesting a
32for the fall of temperature, convulsions and delirium that some-
33recovered from an ordinary serofibrinous pleurisy has a relapse;
34is especially difficult because it is impossible to distinguish for-
36In some cases it has found a sympathetic response from the
37from the preparation of the gonococcus organism alone is added
38diseases. Willan included four groups: Purpura simplex, purpura
40in advance, though it is occasionally possible to publish a timely
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44of Buft'alo, in a paper presented to the Medical Society of the Co.
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