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other circumstances without leading to asthmatic attacks proves
forms of infantile cerebral palsy. Over 10 per cent, of the cases
Electric Warning of Enuresis. Genouville of France has
ing the cover-glasses in a hot-air oven and maintaining the tempera-
Elaftic, none contained in the blood or its Veflels in an heakUy
Contrast staining of the nuclei of the white corpuscles may be
points. The following extracts seem to us most important from
upon glass slides or cover-glasses and subsequently stained.
knowledge and ingenuity are constantly challenged by the disease,
the epigastrium ; and auscultation may determine that the air enters
every empyema is due to microbic invasion of the pleural cavity.
due to some peripheral irritation, or be dependent upon some
several friends and were introduced to several others deeply
jured in an automobile collision with a street car February 4. We
ciation. General Surgical Division of the Clinical Congress of
opened till ripe, vol. iii. 439. How formed by a depofitioa
we would not admit that American authors on this subject have
pointing to neuralgia of this muscle. We need not dwell longer upon
incision its inner surface is often found to be rough and irregular.
The occurrence of nucleated erythrocytes is quite constant, and
saw, Dec. 6. He had practiced in Rochester, Hermitage and
and in which the naked-eye appearance of the blood is very markedly
to minutely interfere with it. Layer sutures were inserted, and
vol. i. 264. vol. xiii. 476. What, vol. xi. 36. Caufe
is physical examination ; and the physician who does not examine his
situation being such at the time that a good sized estate will
of these black crises is a trophic disturbance of the vessel walls
tuberculin reaction. Other explanations of these phenomena
Here also the disease, while occasionally acute, is oftener sub-
had one article rejected by several literary magazines. It was
and Hygiene Ought to Occupy in Modem Education.'' Manu-

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