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1THE usual causes of gastric haemorrhage, appearing as
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6however, that the amount of albumin in the serum is less strikingly
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8than in the inter-gluteal fold. Fluoroscopic examination gave no
9timony, to bring fome ufeful remedy to light •, he
11ads on the flone, ibid, 378. Whether injedions of lithon-
12several elements used alone or in sequence, so these mixtures
13There is something very absurd in the statement that per-
14Rose (3), in 1846, also reported a case of scirrhous carcinoma
162. The presence of considerable fat, either free as isolated glo-
17occur in the earlier stages or throughout the course of the disease.
18in the same ratio as the antigen is increased. Small amounts of
23ist ; Harry Lane, newly elected from Oregon, a regular, in active
24coner ; Dr. F. C. Rice, Ripley ; secretary and treasurer. Dr. J. W.
26our hospital, though it is expected that we may be compelled
27ceived an inspiration which has never waned, and w^hich, if I
29accurately your opportunities for independent success. If you
30No. 9, March 2. — Laminectonny under Local Anaesthesia. L.
34As a rule, however, I use less methyl violet, as the red corpuscles
35Tumours, in the encephalon have caufed an apoplexy, vol. x.
36place. This peculiar occurrence was, at first doubted, but it
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