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knowledge and ingenuity are constantly challenged by the disease,

solution, given alone or in combination with iron. The addition of

patient rapidly fails, or a fistulous opening is left behind which is

the lungs thrown up by fpitting, whence it proceeds, vol. viii,

all primary exudates contain the tubercle bacillus ; and the fact that

He speaks of a period of exudation, a period of quiescence — periode

to 48 per cent. , and Herz estimated the normal volume at 40 to 50 per

Buffalo Medical and Surgical Specialists, Buffalo, N. Y. :

elbow of a child appeared at this orifice. She brought out

ally lie in the course of a pulmonarj^ fissure — a fact which may pos-

for the belief in its etiological importance. In one hundred and

at Deep Bottom in July, the First Division took four thirty-

nant with the more frequent secondary forms. The treatment can

by pieces, a perfect skeleton of a child, and several pieces of black

vaccines in chronic infectious conditions, as well as other pheno-

the tuberculous is relatively most common. In children, the pneumo-

insisted upon b^' Netter, that negative statistics have but little worth

Delafield and Prudden ; A Handbook of Patbological Anatomy and Histology,

ates from 120 to 185. Of eclectic schools only six are extant,

that a further shrinkage in eclectic schools must follow shortly,

special organ or organs in either sex. In premature senility it

or catarrhal pneumonia. These are supposed to give rise to the

stains, the former being such as contain the staining element in the

tures 'has been large, and a field of usefulness for the University

Juices of garden fruits to be diluted with water in fe-

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