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1. Dr. Salter says: — " The eai*-piece should be large,

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years, was described as having been rendered "very ill"

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to be brought into a fatal state of cachexy and de-

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botham can complain of being badly used. The profes-


with serum. In the tumour w^as a pouch of membranes

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etc., immediate dispersion into wider space of all per-

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the parts ; but they cut like brawn, dry and solid. The

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bile, v.ith mucus and a white grain or two. Her face

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would be a good terra. If required by the contextual

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But, it may be asked, are not swollen glands, albu-

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judging from the effects produced by its exhibition ; or,

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of the neck ; and the hair to be cut short, and cold ap-

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rate gave the first impulse to a mode of inflating the

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an adult trichina scarcely lives an hour when plunged

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ing train of symptoms, may be able to regard this record

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.Sarracenia Purpurea; that Messrs. Savory and Moore are the only

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you that, although the verdict given by the coroner's

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it gives very undue prominence to Dr. Buchanan's re-

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seen, being exactly over the head of the metacarpal

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prospect of choking the life out of a couple of luna-

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■ Death-rates in cotton districts, Dr. Beddoe on, 8

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tinct mesentery, proving that ail attempts to open it

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In other words, the greater the vis vitte, tlie less the

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during his term of office, proceeded to a biographical

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cil of No. 27, 7th Feb. 1803, to be referred back to solici-

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Poisonous Milk. Tlie occupants of two of the princi-

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general sense of the profession ; and yet, in fact, be

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difficulty and danger which has to be provided for ;

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which we last week referred ? As regards the press,

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the pupil is due to increased action of the sphincter pu-

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plan — observation — that Hunter worked ; and it

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of sulphuric acid and common salt when boiled); but

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honorary rank of Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals.

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tion of tonics and abundant siipj)ly of food. Six months

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and escape of air into the pleura has even a curative ten-

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they tell us that croup is, with but very rare exceptions,

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justice, we regard with jealous solicitude the reputation

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panted, and won itin a manner alike honourable to him-

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