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Davis & Co. My purpose in reporting these cases is to add just
The Cancer Paste has recently been revived and has beem
hundi'ed years ; in the families of Tenna, Switzerland, as many as five
regular speed. The inti-apulmonary pressure is measured simulta-
temperature and an increase in the number of leukocytes — and
there was very marked and rapid improvement, not only in th^
phlegmatic perfons, i^I^. 192. Why confamptive perfops ar^
in an apoplexy, vol. vi. 286. vol. x. 102,128, in madnefs,
due to the intracellularis, pneumococcus, or some other germ al-
mentioned, but efpecially foapy alcaline fubftances \
invariable association of splenic involvement Avith disease of the
served in the exhibition of violent cathartics, the use of which is,
obstructed by a thrombus of the subclavian and internal jugular veins,
a point as to whose wisdom only those in close touch with affairs,
impressed with the injunction to swat the fly, is going where
breast was removed. Microscopical examination revealed a car-
Menstruation. — Disturbances of the menses have been recorded as
small mononuclear forms has been alluded to, this condition doubtless
the second showed a marked amelioration and lived for six months.
frequent existence of compression of a bronchus by the tumor. It is
well as many other of the acute diseases, were subjected to fre-
vpl. xvi. ^-^^ Is the caufe of the rheumatifm, voL xviii. 30*
a distance, more loud and intense in expiration which is considerably
time, requiring institutional care. It scarcely seems that half
most often a neurosis, such as hysteria, epilepsy, or eclampsia, but
vision were counted and the dilution was 1 : 10, the total number of
microbic character of most pleurisies do not favor the plan of violent

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