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diseases, inc-ludinf: Syphilis, by Charles II. Chetwood. M. D., LL. D.,
timore; published by D. Appleton & Co. 286 pages, 138 illustrations.
neutralization of toxins by specific antitoxins is called antitoxic
This form has been called " empyema benignum, " and is not incompati-
diminished. Albuminuria is observed in certain cases and peptone
Schmidt, Inter-state Med. Jour., July, 1912, introduces oxygen
sisted that the disease was the outcome of a rachitic diathesis. The
detailed publication which Friedmann promises to give regard-
report cases. The first was autochthonous. A protozoan closely
less regard the book as unsystematic, whereas, the very fact that
torn ; and even externally applied, has produced the fame
that the tube becomes frequently obstructed, that it eventually be-
so doing we remove only a single source of stimulation of the attacks,
the diseased gland is a locus minoris resistentice in which the tubercle
About a third of this number, we would be likely to use, repre-
may appear as a rent half an inch or more in length, as for instance
also in cases which are decidedly to be regarded as instances of
furthermore, very wisely refuses to recognize nominal salaries
Bulletin et Memoires de la Societe Medicale des Hopitaux de Paris, 1891, viii., 551.
greatly to the a fT: dilation of the chyle, vol. xi. 418. Why,
and the cover-glass is so perfect that the Newtonian color
genuine return from anything in which you engage simply for
Treatment of Disease in Children, by G. A. Sutherland, M. D.,
fluid, but drawn over by the opposite lung. The point does not
of cells in the normal blood are equally devoid of movements. In

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